Feb 232016

I guess I didn’t know what to expect today on our first day of workshops with Claire. To be honest, I was a little nervous…and taken aback by the range of people in the room. All different names of people I had heard of but never worked or met with. Claire put us at ease, giving us calm and comforting words which I guess I could sum up into three specific words:




These were three things Claire wanted us to achieve or make (there were a lot more details surrounding those three things – questions, routines and ideas that I won’t go into today).

DayOne - 1 (1)

But to achieve those three things of connection, time and space this week I know that I have to commit to being vulnerable in the rehearsal/workshop space. By being vulnerable I open myself up to making connection with Claire and the other participants to the space and to the works. By being vulnerable, I can take the time needed for whatever we are doing, and finally, by being vulnerable, I can create, play, manipulate and use the space (with and without others) to be inspired, upskilled and ready to roll, no matter what the next four days may bring.

Feb 242016

I’m loving how safe the space is. Everyone is so open and receptive and I think that contributes to the atmosphere.

In my last journal I talked about three key words that Claire wanted to explore this week.

Connection. Time. Space

Today I really focused in on the idea of time…

Taking time to watch others be creative.

Taking time to make sure Tina understood the activities.

Taking time to make sure I was in a vulnerable place (but also safe) to complete the activity to its full capacity.

Taking time to feel every movement, to hear sounds and observe my surroundings.

Taking time to know how far I can be pushed (mentally and physically) and maybe how some of my limitations are in my head (re: ‘that’s enough’ activity).

Taking time to be creatively refreshed, recharged and empowered in my current works.