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Oct 172016

Only one week after Under My Skin finished, I went straight into another project with KAGE (a dance and physical theatre company based in Melbourne) for the second development of Out of Earshot which will premiere in 2017. I worked with three other dancers (Gerard Van Dyck, Elle Evangelista and Tim Ohl), and with drummer Myele Manzanza, under the direction of Kate Denborough. This work explores how everyone experiences sound, rhythm and silence differently. Sound isn’t something that is exclusive to hearing people. It’s something everyone and anyone can experience may it be through the ears or the body or as an insight. The same applies to silence.

KAGE, Anna Seymour, 2016

Silence is a sound and it has substance. It’s not an absence or emptiness. Again Claire’s workshop really helped me personally in this project. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable about whether I am being hired for my artistic skills or the fact I am Deaf. Even though Kate is an intelligent and sensitive choreographer, I had to steer the focus from ME and DEAFNESS to the other dancers and OUR individual and collective perspectives and experiences on sound and rhythm.