Feb 232016

I guess I didn’t know what to expect today on our first day of workshops with Claire. To be honest, I was a little nervous…and taken aback by the range of people in the room. All different names of people I had heard of but never worked or met with. Claire put us at ease, giving us calm and comforting words which I guess I could sum up into three specific words:




These were three things Claire wanted us to achieve or make (there were a lot more details surrounding those three things – questions, routines and ideas that I won’t go into today).

DayOne - 1 (1)

But to achieve those three things of connection, time and space this week I know that I have to commit to being vulnerable in the rehearsal/workshop space. By being vulnerable I open myself up to making connection with Claire and the other participants to the space and to the works. By being vulnerable, I can take the time needed for whatever we are doing, and finally, by being vulnerable, I can create, play, manipulate and use the space (with and without others) to be inspired, upskilled and ready to roll, no matter what the next four days may bring.