Annette – Tasdance Residency

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Oct 172016

Eggshells, Annette Carmichael, 2016

I’m just back from a week residency in the Tasdance studio where I had time to reflect on the processes shared with us by Claire Cunningham. During the week I worked with 250 egg shells ( a few were seen in a short interview that features on the blog from Feb 24). These egg shells were flown from Denmark, WA to Launceston, TAS. They mostly survived the journey and became powerful tools to use in my research into visual balance, repetition and disruption.


Last week I performed a solo that encompassed this research for a small gathering at the Tasdance studio. In November I’ll share this research with my home community of Denmark via four more solo performances for Brave New Works Festival.


Feb 232016

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Peripheral Fluctuation. To notice how we see/ what we notice – hierarchy of sight, range of periphery and of movement. Pick a person in the room and try to keep them only in your peripheral vision and not in your fauvial vision (central).

(Score explored by Claire and Jess Curtis, from term created by Bill Shannon relating to the fluctuation of attention/staring from people on his visual periphery)

Feb 232016

Is identity forever? Can I identify with something one moment and let it go the other? Am I ok with others potentially judging that association?

360° vision. Perspective.
360° offers a whole possibility of coming out and going in. It creates space.

Repetition, repetition, exhaustion, find the limit.. that is where the stuff is.

That’s enough.